Blogger Rules and Guidelines

It is VERY, VERY important that you read the information below carefully. If English is not your first language, please make sure you get a reliable translator or a friend so that you fully understand how we handle blogging for Pose Fair.

Event Dates:

Opens: December 7th, 2020 @ 12:00PM SLT (Noon)
Closes: December 28th @ 11:59PM SLT

Blogotex and Review Copies

All review copies will be available in a blogger room as early as November 25th (depending on when stores get set up). The LM to the blogger room will be provided when set-up opens.

We use Blogotex to track your posts. There are no items to take in the Blogotex, but you can still submit posts without them being affiliated to a server item. We DO NOT use the Blogotex event system, just standard Blogotex for post tracking. We will add you to the Blogotex by November 25th.

When you submit your posts on Blogotex, make sure you add notes about which store and item you blogged or they will be rejected.

If you do not submit your post in Blogotex, it will not count. You MUST submit them to Blogotex by the deadline. If you post the blog on time but do not submit to Blogotex on time, it will still be considered late.

We will be adding you to our Blogotex very soon, keep your eye out for "Pose Fair" in your list.


1. Required posts are 8 total posts.

2. Each post must be for a different item and a different store.

3. Posts must be submitted on a schedule:
                                   - 3 Posts by December 7th
                                   - 3 Posts by December 14th
                                   - 2 Posts by December  21st


4. You must start posting before the event starts.

5. You do NOT need to wait until the third week to submit your last posts. It is PREFERABLE that you do all 8 posts in the first 2 weeks. Even more preferable that you do more than 8 posts over the course of the event :D

6. We will be utilizing the Blogotex to TRACK posts, but not to distribute review items so you will need to get your review copies in the blogger room.

7. Your posts must use the poses as they were intended. 

8. Deadlines are STRICT. If you are struggling to meet your deadlines, you MUST contact Static Frenzy to let him know that you need an extension. 

Permanent Bloggers: If you miss a deadline without communication, you receive a strike. Each individual post that's late will count as a strike. If you miss a whole week of posts (3 posts) that will be THREE STRIKES. We are on a 4 strike system, some of you are already at 3 strikes. Please do not take your position for granted. We don't want to let any of you go, but if you become unreliable we will have no choice.

Guest Bloggers: If you meet all your requirements and exceed expectations for this round you may be asked to stay on as a permanent blogger. However, if you miss any single deadline without communicating with Static, you will be removed without notice. Until you are a permanent blogger you do not operate under the strike system.


- You may ONLY blog items that are available in the blogger room for your posts to count for your requirements. Purchased items or items sent to you by sponsors that have not been made available to the group will not count.

- You must submit COMPLETE blog posts. This means that you are crediting all of the items in your photo that you would normally credit, not just the pose. We do not want you to be a pose blog factory, we expect you to uphold all the same standards for your Pose Fair posts as you would for anything else.

- Props must be blogged in their entirety. You may not extract poses from the prop and use them by themselves and if you blog a prop, you must blog the prop with the poses it comes with. Exception: If the poses are sold separately from the prop, you may blog just the poses or the prop with another pose.

- You may use products like AnyPose or Animare to adjust your poses, but ONLY to make small adjustments like pulling a hand out of a shoulder. You may not adjust the pose to the point where it compromises the integrity of what the pose was meant to look like. This is impossible for US to see when we approve or deny posts. So you may have your post approved, but later rejected at the request of the pose maker if they feel the pose has been adjusted excessively. You will be responsible for a new post in the event that happens to meet your minimum requirements.

- Once you fulfill your requirements, you can blog any other items from the group you want without restrictions, but of course we do appreciate your help in covering additional items that need coverage if you are able to.

- Your photos should show the poses used clearly and well. If we feel your photo doesn't show the pose well (odd angles, obscured avatars) it may be rejected.

- DISCLAIMER: It is impossible for us to foresee all circumstances that may arise that are unique and something we have never encountered before. So the rules are NOT limited to the ones listed here. Pose Fair staff maintains the right to add new rules and make individual judgment calls on any situation whether or not it has been specifically listed in this notecard. All judgments will be made with the best interest of the event in mind over any individual blogger, store owner, or member of staff.

- If you are unclear on the above rules and requirements, please contact Static Frenzy immediately for clarification.

If you have any questions PLEASE reach out to Static Frenzy, but if you have an urgent question you may reach out to myself or any of the other Pose Fair staff. 

Thank you!

Static Frenzy - Blogger Manager


Ruby Starlight - Owner/Organizer


Tempest Rosca - Social Media Manager


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