1. How many exclusive items do I need for each round?

    - You'll need a minimum of three items that will be exclusive to Pose Fair for the duration of that round. Please see the Pose Fair - Rules notecard for details on what counts as an item.

2. Can I do a gacha?

    - You may do a gacha and one gacha may count as multiple items. Please see the "Rules" notecard for more details.

3. Can I sell older items in my booth at the event along with my exclusives?

    - Yes! But we do encourage you to only focus on selling your new items and your most popular items. If you over clutter your booth, people will be more likely to pass you by.

4. Do my props need to be original mesh?

    - Nope!

5. Is there a theme?

    - There is no theme for the annual event, but we find that sticking to the current season or nearby holidays can increase sales.

6. How many prims do we have?

Sponsors - 400
X-Large - 300
Large - 200
Medium - 100
Small - 50
X-Small - 25

It is unlikely you'd be able to even use all of your prims, but we will be strict on this and will ask you to remove items if they exceed the limit. 

7. I want to make a large prop, but it won't fit in my booth, will there be a demo area?
    - Yes! You may place your larger items that do not fit in a standard sized booth in the demo area, the LM is included below:

8. What if I'm late and need extra time?

    - You may purchase an extended deadline for L$3000. You must alert us in advance if you are going to be late. Anyone not set up and who hasn't contacted us by April 26th @11:59PM will automatically forfeit their booth and their payment.

The extension payment extends your deadline until April 28th @ 11:59PM. We cannot extend the deadline any further beyond this.

9. What happens if I'm too late to set up and don't participate?

     -If you are unable to participate in the event, please let Grace know as soon as you realize you cannot participate. If you do not inform us that you cannot participate you will be counted as a no show and will not be invited back to Pose Fair for future rounds. We know things happen and we have a waiting list for this reason, all we ask for is communication.

Any other questions, please contact Grace Sixpence and she'll be happy to help you out