Pose Fair Staff

RubyStarlight Writer

Owner & Organizer


Ruby has been the owner and organizer of Pose Fair since taking over the event in 2013. The event has gone through many changes over the years and Ruby could not be more proud of where the event is now. She is behind the conceptualizing, organizing, building, recruiting, hiring, web design, marketing, and has her hand in every aspect of the event with a lot of help of her amazing staff.

Outside of Pose Fair, Ruby keeps busy with her furniture brand, Silence., and is planning a few more events soon to come!

Tempest Rosca

Assistant Event Manager/Social Media Manager

Tempest Rosca_512.png

Tempest is an amazing asset to the Pose Fair team. She maintains all of our social media content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Plurk, she organizes our contests, and provides support for both Ruby and Grace wherever and whenever she's needed. Make sure you follow us on social media and say hi to Tempest!

Tempest is a skilled photographer, a blogger manager for a popular SL brand, and works for another great event in SL, so when she's not focusing her time on Pose Fair she keeps very busy! Check out her work on Flickr!

Static Frenzy

Blogger Manager

Static Frenzy.png

Static joined our team in October 2019 to take on the challenging role as blogger manager and we've been lucky to have him! His friendliness and organization makes for an amazing addition to the team. He makes sure that all of our participating pose stores get coverage for the event and that our bloggers are taken care of and have the support they need.

When he's not managing our bloggers, Static is a  talented blogger and photographer. Check out his Flickr here!

Jason Leaves

Blogger Manager December 2018 - July 2019

Tempest Rosca

Assistant Event Manager/Social Media Manager


In July of 2019, our beloved Blogger Manager, Jason Leaves, passed away. Jason was a wonderful person full of love, kindness, and patience. He was not only a valuable member of the Pose Fair team but a beloved friend. He is deeply missed and will always have a place in our heart. We will keep this space here for Jason as a small memorial to him. He won't ever be forgotten.